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Lucky's Biography

Lucky was adopted from the Anti Cruelty Society in April 2007. He is a black lab mix who from the day we got him - knew the sit command. Lucky is a typical lab; he loves to eat and sleep, but I guess who doesn't?

He eats Science diet ID canned and dry dog food and his favorite treats are bones from Kelly's Meat Market in Park Ridge and flossies. He gets one of each just about every night. He loves to walk, and doesn't even blink at rabbits when he walks by them.

Boo, Spaceball's Dog
and Lucky's Pal

Lucky has a sweet and loving disposition but he does like to sniff people in inappropriate places! It is a bit embarrassing to all involved I would say! His friends are two Golden Retrievers, Taylor and Bailey. He has a dog run we call Lucky Hollow because it's really his area.He has tons of toys and carries them in his mouth all over the house. He is allowed on the furniture and sleeps in bed with us. He's usually the first one in!. He might think he's female because when Mike comes home he wiggles his butt so much- it looks anatomically impossible.

Lucky is a model dog - we were lucky to get him!