Fashion Trends That Make No Sense

Fashion is a field that constantly reinvents itself, and sometimes brands urge to recycle some fallen trends or even design extreme reinterpretation of very-well received garments. Usually, designers succeed in delivering creative versions of past fashion tendencies, and sometimes give a better version of clothes we used to see as profoundly unappealing. However, just as the many accomplishments we recollect, numerous fashion failures became infamous trends from which brands cashed inestimable sums. Whether these trends were creative exercises of new designers or publicity stunts to catch the attention of buyers, they certainly left a disastrous mark in the history of fashion.

1. Extreme Cut-Out Jeans

This is a fair example of brands trying to pass their imagination boundaries and create a completely unworkable garment. Despite the profound irrelevance of these jeans, they were hot and happening a few seasons ago and even got endorsed by celebrities. Just as the passing of a falling star, this trend met its end very rapidly, a fact that restored some hope to my overly deceived self.

2. Large Brand Signatures on Everything

This is a trend that is still vividly active today, mainly because numerous people have the urge to overexpose their wealth through garments and other expensive objects they own. High-end brands are the main motor that fuels people’s expectancies, and maybe the most infamous one is Gucci which has largely welcomed the idea of imprinting their signature logo oppressively visible on their clothes and accessories. However, classy brands appear to have expressed interest in this direction too. One that I recollect is Christian Dior Handbags that sells a few models that display the signature on the accessory.

3. Saggy Jeans

There are many reasons why saggy jeans are almost always a bad decision. First of all, the idea that lowering your jeans so that half of your lingerie is visible to the eye is a sufficiently gross thought for me to reject the trend. Second, every time I’ve seen a picture of a man who embraced the style, I have always imagined that it should be really uncomfortable to wear your jeans like that. However, some males choose to cover the lingerie part with an oversize T-shirt which is a slightly more bearable sight.

4. Shoes with socks

While men’s habit of matching a pair of sandals with socks was never an applauded style, women wearing socks with high heels was a trend that made waves a few years ago. Designers’ central argument is that socks connect the footwear with the upper outfit, which results in a harmonious stylish effect. However, rarely do socks are an addition that looks appealing on an average person who doesn’t necessarily afford a catwalk look.

5. Widely ripped shirts

On a similar note to the extremely cut-out jeans, this trend proved itself just as an unnecessary garment. Since this was another trend that aimed for reconceptualizing slightly ripped shirts, the outcome was very strange. Moreover, as much as we can say that this is more a statement than a piece of wearable clothing, the story still doesn’t say much because the concept is firmly inaesthetic.