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  Tasty Trade Minute - 7/22/2014

Tiger Woods is done

Now that the golf world has turned it's attention to Rory McIlroy, it's time to admit that Tiger Woods will never be the golfer he once was.

  Daily Herald Column - 7/22/2014

ESPN's Tirico at the top of his game
ESPN broadcaster Mike Tirico is well versed in a variety of sports as he anchors coverage for the NFL, World Cup soccer, and golf.

  Tasty Trade Minute - 7/21/2014

Tirico is the best in the business

Mike North wants to give credit to Mike Tirico, who is probably the best commentator in the business right now.

  $300,000 won on Mcllroy bet

Rory Mcllroy's father and his friends placed bets on the phenom when he was 15 to win the British open and now they are getting to cash in after yesterday's victory

  Tasty Trade Minute - 7/18/2014

Golf needs Tiger Woods

The British Open is more exciting than anything golf has done in months, and that's because Tiger Woods has returned.

  Daily Herald Column - 7/18/2014

Don't expect Ozzie Guillen to get his wish
Ozzie Guillen could be a better manager the second time around in Chicago, but Mike North doesn't believe he'll ever get the chance to prove it.

  Tasty Trade Minute - 7/17/2014

All-Star break is missed opportunity

While all of the other professional sports in their off season, now would be an ideal time for the MLB to be playing games instead of taking a break.

  Second half baseball preview

It's good we have some individuals to watch in baseball like the White Sox' Chris Sale and Jose Abreu and the Cubs' Anthony Rizzo and Starlin Castro, but Mike North doesn't think their respective teams have very good futures.

  Tasty Trade Minute - 7/16/2014

MLB 2nd Half Preview

Mike North previews the second half of the MLB season and give you his World Series predictions.

  Gaming Today Article - 7/16/2014

  Hinrich a good signing for Bulls

Mike North sees the Kirk Hinrich signing with the Bulls as an excellent move, and if Derrick Rose can return at even 80 percent, expect good things from this team this year.

  Tasty Trade Minute - 7/15/2014

The All-Star Game is Boring

The Home Run Derby was boring, the All-Star Game is boring, but Mike North is still going to watch.

  Daily Herald Column - 7/15/2014

Except for Cleveland, Bulls put together best off-season
Pau Gasol (16), who signed with the Chicago Bulls, averaged 17.4 points and 9.4 rebounds per game last season for the Los Angeles Lakers.

  Tasty Trade Minute - 7/14/2014

Free Agency Winners & Losers

NBA Free Agency has been exciting. Now that most of the big names have signed, Mike North is ready to declare winners and losers for this offseason.

  Chicago baseball all stars

Mike North is pleasantly surprised the Cubs and White Sox have a total of five players making the all-star team this year.

  Tasty Trade Minute - 7/11/2014

The HR Derby is BORING

The MLB Home Run Derby is past its prime and boring to boot, but Mike North will still be watching.

  Daily Herald Column - 7/11/2014

No one gets it done like Rocky Wirtz
Chicago Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz has rebuilt a franchise that was once rated the worst in all sports and made it one of the best today

  Tasty Trade Minute - 7/10/2014

Jeff Samardzija's odd All-Star appearance

Mike North explains the odd procedures Jeff Samardzija will have to go through at the All-Star Game and why they're necessary.

  Tasty Trade Minute - 7/9/2014

The NBA Offseason is Crazy

There is so much going on during this year's NBA offseason that it's difficult to follow it all.

  Gaming Today Article - 7/9/2014

  Johnny Football needs a receiver to succeed

With the Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon suspended, Mike North wonders what the team will do to replace him to give Johnny Manziel a chance to succeed as a new quarterback.

  Tasty Trade Minute - 7/8/2014

Get rid of replay

Mike North says that technology has sucked the soul out of professional baseball and tennis.

  Daily Herald Column - 7/8/2014

Bostonís Farrell was wrong not to make Sale an all-star
With a record of 8-1, White Sox starting pitcher Chris Sale deserves a spot on the All-Star Game roster

  Tasty Trade Minute - 7/7/2014

Mike loves soccer.

Mike North has discovered the final piece to falling in love with the sport of soccer: Gambling!

  Is arrow starting to point up for Cubs?

Mike North sees signs the Cubs might be starting to make some solid moves, but still wonders when Theo Epstein's rebuilding ends.

  Tasty Trade Minute - 7/3/2014

Trout is the best in baseball

The Los Angeles Angels have a bright future as long as they have Mike Trout on the roster.

  Tasty Trade Minute - 7/2/2014

Tim Howard was fantastic

The USA lost to Belgium, but it was an exciting game and Tim Howard made himself a star with an electric performance in goal.

  Gaming Today Article - 7/2/2014

  Doug McDermott a plus for Bulls

New Bulls player Doug McDermott is a great addition as a scorer, and Mike North believes McDermott will improve on defense because that can be learned.

  Tasty Trade Minute - 7/1/2014

NBA steals NFL's spotlight

The NBA is gaining steam and has stolen all of the offseason attention away from the NFL.