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Be-Be North's Biography

What do I do all day? anything and everything- basically I wear a lot of hats.

Passions in Life:
Mike, my husband of 36 years

Licorice. our first dog who passed away when was she almost 18

Lucky , our 6 yr old black lab mix who we got from the Anti Cruelty Society

My Family, my two sisters, their husbands, my nieces and nephews and of course all the family dogs

Mike's whole family, his mom, aunts, uncles, brothers, their wives, nieces and nephews, cousins, and all the family dogs

Sports - I guess if I didn't like it, Mike and I might not still be married! We watch lots.

My Italian heritage and values. I love celebrating St Joseph's day. - a Sicilian tradition

Cooking and baking. I love to cook and see people enjoy their food. I still bake the chocolate chip cookies and brownies we sold at our hot dog stand . We were written up by the Chicago Sun- Times way back when we owned our hot dog stand. I think they taste as good as ever

Chocolate candy especially from the Fudge Pot in Old Town, and of course all kinds of licorice

Ice cream - especially gelato.

Animals but especially dogs. We are very active in a number of shelters. They do such good work and care so much about the animals.

Halloween - I have a Dept 56 village that is awesome. I decorate almost every room in the house and the complete outdoors. We get 700 kids trick or treating at our house.

Christmas - I love making everything festive, warm, and inviting. The outside of our house is like the Griswalds. We have outdoor Christmas music that plays; I know people enjoy and appreciate it. They always tell us how good it makes them feel.

Traveling - We have lots of favorite destinations - Boston, New York, New Orleans are just a few

Italy - We spent our 25th wedding anniversary there and Mike's 50th birthday. It was a trip of a life time

Las Vegas - I love going there. I started going when I was 21 and have been going as much as possible ever since.

Gambling - I really enjoy it- I love to win at the slots, and I have been pretty lucky

Reading - I don't do it as much as I would like, but I can read a book over and over if I love it

Listening to books on tape - I try to listen as much as possible when I'm walking, cooking, whenever I can

Walking outdoors - I do it with Lucky and without him. I do it year round even when it's cold - except when it's really slippery.

A Positive and spiritual outlook on life - expecting good to come from everything - even what seems bad at first

Being kind to people - it's really important to me - I think it's significance is underrated in life